Apple Communication offers live support using the following technologies:

Remote Access Computer

Remote Access Computer

Software and web sever

In order to view the live feed, you’ll need to install our Active X control. Windows XP Service Pack 2 has built in security features blocking unsigned Active X controls.

How to fix:
1) Open Internet Explorer and connect to your video server.
a. Take note of the IP in the address bar. You will need this.
2) Click the Tools menu at the top of the browser and Choose Internet Options.
3) Next click on Security and Click on the Trusted Sites logo and click on the Sites… button.
4) You will now need to uncheck the box “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone.”
5) Next, enter the IP address of the server in the upper box and click Add and Click OK.
6) In the Trusted Sites options click Default Level. This should change the Security Level of the Trusted Sites zone to Low. and Click Apply and OK.
7) Now, go to the Live Feed of the web interface.
8) In the bottom right, initiate a feed by checking one of the cameras. This will prompt for the download of the Active X contro. and Chose to Install the Active X control. You’re now ready to view your live feeds! DOWNLOAD Active X Configuration PDF HERE

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